Honorary Committee

Personalities committed to our cause

“Every two days in our country, a child learns that he or she has been cured of cancer. Thanks to your generosity, your solidarity, we hope to be able to say one day: in Switzerland, every child with cancer knows that he or she will be cured. Every year, thanks to CANSEARCH, medical teams are now able to cure cases that would have been hopeless five years ago. CANSEARCH’s work is exciting. It is also expensive, very expensive. Thanks to you, thanks to your loyalty, this work is possible. Thank you for being united behind the cause of CANSEARCH. The cured children have won their battle, CANSEARCH’s battle continues. Thanks to you, this is the meaning of this evening: all united against the disease and for research.”  Robert Hensler, President of the Honorary Committee


  • M Robert Hensler, President
  • Madame Martha Argerich
  • Monsieur Guy Demole
  • Monsieur Léonard Gianadda (†)
  • Monsieur Romain Grosjean
  • Madame Carole Hubscher
  • Familles Fredy et Franco Knie
  • Monsieur Bertrand Levrat
  • Monsieur Raymond Loretan
  • Madame Michèle Maus
  • Monsieur Olivier Maus
  • Monsieur Pierre Mottu
  • Monsieur Claude Picasso (†)
  • Monsieur Stan Wawrinka
  • ZEP
  • Monsieur Jean Zermatten


La Fondation CANSEARCH est très fière de compter sur le soutien de ses membres d’honneur.