RELIVE Project – “Creation of the 1st international registry on children relapsing from liver cancer”.
In order to improve the treatment given to children relapsing from liver cancer (a very rare cancer, representing 1% of all paediatric cancers), a project to create an international registry has been set up by the RELIVE group. The latter is made up of the CANSEARCH research platform in paediatric oncology and haematology at the University of Geneva, the Children’s Liver Tumour Group which is integrated into the Geneva University Hospitals (Kids Liver CANSEARCH Group), as well as researchers belonging to the CHIC consortium from all over Europe (SIOPEL), Japan (JPLT), Australia and New Zealand, and the United States (Children Oncology Group). The aim of the RELIVE group is to retrospectively collect in a central international registry all data related to recently used treatments for children who have relapsed from liver cancer in order to improve the survival of these children in the future. This register will be located in Geneva at the University Hospitals of Geneva.

For further information please consult the RELIVE website