By bank transfer in the name of the CANSEARCH Foundation
Possibility of establishing a standing order

Banque BCGE c/c Entreprises
Case postale 2251
CH – 1211 Genève 2
IBAN: CH10 0078 8000 0508 9799 9

Beneficiary :
CANSEARCH Foundation
6 chemin Pont-Perrin
1226 Thônex

The Foundation’s secretariat is at your disposal to discuss with you all forms of support.
For example:

  • CHF50 can buy 1 vial of cell culture
  • CHF100 can buy 1 box of 1000 tips for pipettes
  • CHF1’000 can buy an 8 piece electronic pipette
  • CH10’000 can buy a specialised freezer cabinet
  • CHF50’000 can buy essential data management software
  • CHF100’000 can pay the salary of a researcher for 1 year

The CANSEARCH Foundation thanks you in advance for your support. Being recognized as a charity, all your donations to CANSEARCH can be tax exempt.

Please note that CANSEARCH receives no spontaneous solicitation and does not provide individual and private support.