Talent Management Scholarship

This program consists of four scholarships aimed at supporting the quality of care and the level of excellence established within the clinic and research, which are closely related in pediatric oncology and hematology. But above all, it ensures and perpetuates the appeal of this medical specialization for the next generation of young doctors in Romandy.

CANSEARCH Research Grant

The CANCURE Research Grant (CANSEARCH Research Grant)

This grant is offered every two years to researchers from all over Switzerland studying areas related to pediatric oncology and hematology. The projects in competition are selected by the scientific committee of the Swiss Cancer League. They are then submitted to the scientific committee of the CANSEARCH foundation for the final selection. This dual assessment ensures a high level of research expertise.

Cansearch Research Grant

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Visiting Doctor

The Visiting Doctor grant aims to recruit an internationally renowned “research physician” to the CANSEARCH research platform in pediatric oncology and hematology at the University of Geneva. They would thus share their expertise and refine their practice within the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Clinical Unit (UOHP) at the HUG. A right to practice is therefore required for this position. This grant aims to nurture emerging talents, ensuring the quality of care while maintaining the competitiveness of research in this medical specialization.

This grant is 80% oriented towards research on a joint project and 20% towards the clinical aspect in the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology Unit at the HUG.


The CANMOVE Mobility Grant is offered to a researcher or clinician in pediatric oncology and hematology based in Romandy, Switzerland, to enhance their training abroad while ensuring their position upon return. It is more akin to a study grant. The goal is for the researcher/clinician, once trained, to return and share their newly acquired expertise in Romandy and continue to stimulate this wonderful scientific dynamic.


The CANSEARCH Romand Scientific Clinical Fellowship Grant

The objective is to strengthen and stabilize the team and medical-care resources of the UOHP unit at the HUG. It is not easy to recruit trained pediatric oncologists-hematologists. Recruiting a chief clinical pediatrician wishing to specialize in the field would not only bring reinforcements and stabilize the team but also make this specialization and the UOHP more attractive, ensuring continuity.

This position is 20% oriented towards research in the UOHP and 80% clinical.