The Geneva biobank for paediatric oncology and haematology (BaHOP) has received the Vita label from the Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP), which attests to its compliance with the applicable legal and ethical framework. This recognition is a testament to the commitment to provide high quality samples to the research community. Indeed, BaHOP is now open to other researchers in the field, in order to increase its added value and impact for society. For example, it is used in the framework of the project conducted in collaboration with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), under the leadership of Prof. Didier Trono. This project correlates RNA sequencing data from biological samples currently stored in BaHOP with the development of graft-versus-host disease in stem cell transplantation. Similarly, Dr. Arnaud L’Huillier, head of clinic at the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Unit of the HUG, is also using the BaHOP for his project on human viruses in paediatric transplantation. Finally, Dr. Nicolas Waespe from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine in Bern has recently been using BaHOP, also in collaboration with France, for his project on genetic variations in the face of radiotherapy for thyroid cancer.